As an artist, painting is my way of processing the world, expanding myself, and my tool for creating change. I believe art is about connecting to ourselves, to others, and to the world around us.  It is a unique way to impact people's perceptions and spark conversations about important issues. In my work, I explore themes of universal inter-connectivity, animal welfare and conservation, and the human experience. Though my style is largely representational, many of my pieces lean towards imaginative realism, harnessing the interplay between realistic imagery and creative concepts. 

Originally from New York City, I developed a love of the art world from a young age, along with an awareness of its global impact. I honed my natural talent for painting and drawing throughout my school years, taking classes at the Bridgeview School of Fine Art, and getting a BFA from Ithaca College. I currently live in Summit County, Colorado, where I have found a way to combine my passion for animals and skills as an artist to help spread awareness about current welfare and conservation issues.

My goal is to use my art to inspire introspection, change and action.  I donate a percentage of my sales to various environmental and animal conservation organizations and sanctuaries. 


* I do commissions as well, be it an animal or human portrait, landscape, city-scape or even just a great concept.